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Slándáil Research Limited

Penetration Testing and Application Security Reviews

Our leading service based on demand. We have culminated and practice a very efficient attack methodology that has proven itself effective repeatedly against SME's and some of the worlds largest tech companies. We have a high success rate of identifying the issues that matter. Combining multiple industry standard techniques with many of our own. All security issues identified come with concise recommendations for remediation.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment and Fuzzing

Customized to your requirements. With excellent familiarity of the leading security scanning software and a heap of our own custom developed tools. We can add value to a standard automated vulnerability assessment. Issues identified by automation are validated to ensure you are only alerted of the real risks that effect you or your organisation.

Security Consulting and Incident Response

On demand support! Need help responding to an incident or recovering from an attack? Have concerns about a particular threat? We have a wealth of experience dealing with security incidents and a deep understanding of how attackers operate and the subsequent business repercussions. We can examine your defense strategies, help create security policies and provide advice to reduce your risks.

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About - Slándáil Research

Slándáil Research Limited is a boutique security consulting company founded in 2020 - Dublin, Ireland. It was born out of an overworked sole-trader practice by Ciarán McNally (trading as Securit Consulting) that extended 6+ years, 150+ contracts with 35+ clients. The aim is to meet the ever growing demand for resources and affordable, reliable, high quality IT security services, providing expertise and specialist insight.

Our key values and goals are primarily around transparency, innovation and automation. Transparency of our processes and methodology. This not only ensures clarity of expectations, you can be sure of what has been covered and on how we achieve our objectives. Constant Innovation as we always aim to add value to our reports and deliverables, reassessing how things can be done better next time around for each individual customer. We keep up to date with the latest threats and trends and develop or identify the solutions to counter them. We aim to empower our employess by giving them time for Automation, meaning progressively we can deliver more for our customers, faster and cheaper.

We have developed custom tooling and techniques that take penetration testing and application security testing beyond traditional tools or reporting often found within the greater security industry. With custom tools and flexibility comes custom solutions fit specifically to your organisation. We can adapt to your associated industry requirements. The advice we provide can introduce ongoing practices and procedures that if sustained will protect your business moving forward.

We are hackers. Hackers build and break technology, hoping to gain a better understanding of how things work. Hacking to us, means "an inelegant but effective solution to a specific problem". Hacking often involves assessing and deeply understanding a problem, then building towards achieving your desired outcome using whatever tools or resources you already have available. The result is an overall improved state toward your objectives. To counter always innovating and opportunist cyber crime, you need to fight fire with fire. Hire hackers.

Ofensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) certification

Also trading as Scanomaly

We provide creative and professional security consultancy services.

We understand security, business risk and technology. No challenge is too great or small, we provide reliable security insight and technical expertise. Our rates are flexible and generally are lower for smaller businesses.

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